Buttercrumble – RAW Talent

Buttercrumble are one of 12 newly emerging artists who have been selected by art& to take part in our RAW Talent mentoring scheme.

Design duo Abigail and Chloe Baldwin, who are also known as Buttercrumble, are currently based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. They are passionate about collaborating with other creative people who believe in the power of good design.

At art&York Chloe and Abigail will be utilising the windows and walls to produce an exciting large scale mural. Visitors will be able to watch in joy and anticipation as the drawing is slowly revealed. They hope to create an unforgettable and unique experience for visitors through this transformative piece of art.

Buttercrumble are delighted to win a place on the art&’s RAW talent mentoring scheme, giving us the support to flourish as artists. – Chloe & Abigail Baldwin