Samantha Bryan tells us how her fairy sculptures came to life and how they inspire the imagination of her collectors.

Art work for your home can come in all shapes and sizes, from large scale traditional paintings to an eclectic collection of sculptures, we have the freedom to choose art work that suits our personal style and adds personality to our interiors. Renowned artist Samantha Bryan has created a collection of beautifully hand crafted sculptures with their own quirky style and personalities. Samantha’s sculptures come with the option of being suspended, wall mounted or free standing which makes them versatile enough to fit into any interior space. Here’s a little more about Samantha and her wonderful tribe of fairies.

Starting her career in the back of an electrical appliance shop, set amongst the vacuum cleaners and appliance parts, Samantha’s world of fairies came to life.┬áThe stories her nan told her as a child, often muddled and customised, became the backbone to an affluent imagination, but it wasn’t until her time at Hereford University that her fairies took shape. They were traditional characters born out of a project brief and this is what gave the spark of life to her world: a busy species of fairies.

Samantha came across a book of Victorian advertisements in the library, leading her quickly onto Victorian gadgetry and inventions which informed the own invention of her fairies as she attempted to devise everything they might need during their daily existence. This inventing is now second nature to Samantha, which is evident in her incredible work that takes inspiration from everyday life, systems, equipment and basic technology.

Now her world has taken on an entire alternative universe, with each piece having their own surrounding narrative explained on hand-typed labels, giving a snippet of this so that the viewer/new owner can fill in the blanks.

“This central theme runs throughout my work but is incredibly versatile and can lend itself to almost any brief or situation with a bit of imagination. My sculptures evoke a sense of nostalgia, escapism and make-believe necessary to remove the viewer temporarily from their worries. I endeavor to capture every imagination!”

Samantha’s highly collectible fairies are predominately good, hard working types; often overworked. There is the odd bad egg, parachute sabotage etc, but the ‘bad ones’ don’t often get made and remain on paper. Samantha prefers to give her time to the good ones, enjoying making people smile and making sure her fairies do the same.

Delve deeper into Samantha’s world of fairies by visiting her website where you can meet the whole gang or fairies and buy work through her online shop.

Samantha and her tribe of fairies will be at art&York this autumn from the 26th – 28th October 2018 at York Knavesmire Event Centre along with over 100 original artists from a multitude of disciplines. Tickets will be on sale now! Head over to our Exhibitors page to see who else will be exhibiting with us this year.

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